Workshop "Creativity in Mathematics and AI" (CMAI 2023)

Datum 18 Jan. 2023 - 20 Jan. 2023
Lokatie Maastricht

Considering current advances in mathematical formalisation and neural theorem proving, this workshop seeks to address the role of creativity in mathematical understanding and artificial intelligence.
In this workshop, we therefore bring together experts from the fields of mathematics, artificial intelligence, cognitive neuroscience and philosophy of mathematics to actively engage in deepening our knowledge of creativity in human and artificial mathematical reasoning.
In due time, we aim to publish the team answers to the research questions in post-proceedings of the workshop as a book or special issue of a journal. We offer an early bird fee for those registering before 1 November!


  • Anna Abraham (University of Georgia, USA) - lecture title: 'The Nature of Human Creativity' 
  • Gemma Anderson (University of Exeter, UK)
  • Kevin Buzzard (Imperial College London, UK) - lecture title: 'Can computers be mathematically creative?'
  • Simon Colton (Queen Mary University, UK)
  • Jessica Hamrick (DeepMind, UK)(to be confirmed)
  • Yang-Hui He (Universities of Oxford/London, UK and Nankai University, China) - lecture title: 'Universes as Bigdata: from Geometry, to Physics, to Machine-Learning'
  • Maithilee Kunda (Vanderbilt University, USA) - lecture title: 'A computational view of visual imagery in humans and in AI systems'
  • Catherine Menon (University of Hertfordshire, UK)
  • Catholijn Jonker (Universities of Delft/Leiden, NL)
  • Paige Randall North (University of Pennsylvania, USA)


Platform Wiskunde Nederland (PWN); Maastricht University: Mathematics Centre Maastricht (MCM), Department of Advanced Computing Sciences (DACS) and Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience (FPN); Meromorf Press

Organisator Universiteit Maastricht, VU Amsterdam en Universiteit van Kopenhagen (URL, email)
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