CWI Research Semester Programme on Polynomial Optimization and Applications

Datum 17 nov. 2022 - 18 nov. 2022
Lokatie CWI, Science Park Amsterdam

We would like to announce a series of events organized at CWI in fall 2022 within the Research Semester Programme on `Polynomial Optimization and Applications';. This programme aims to bring together researchers from the Netherlands and beyond, with an interest in topics at the interface of mathematics, optimization and theoretical computer science. We invite all researchers, especially PhD students and postdoctoral researchers who are working in related topics, to join the events in this programme.

Polynomial optimization is an exciting new field, which emerged in the last two decades. It builds on cross fertilization between various areas of mathematics such as real algebraic geometry, commutative algebra, functional analysis, and optimization. The field has seen spectacular developments in recent years, with many new application areas and a growing community of researchers. The aim of this research programme is to highlight some of these recent developments and applications. The programme consists of three workshops and will feature lectures by many (inter)national experts in the field.

The third workshop ` Polynomial Optimization and Applications in Control and Energy’ takes place at CWI on 17-18 November 2022.
This workshop will focus on challenging optimization problems arising in the analysis and control of dynamical systems and energy networks.
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Organisator Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) (URL, email)
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