Workshop YEQT XIII "Data-Driven Analytics and Optimization for Stochastic Systems"

Datum 7 jun. 2021 - 9 jun. 2021
Lokatie Eurandom, Eindhoven

The theme for the YEQT workshop this year is "Data-Driven Analytics and Optimization for Stochastic Systems". The workshop will focus on combining theoretical stochastic modelling and optimization together with modern statistical techniques in order to tackle important problems that are prevalent today in various domains.

In many applications of queueing theory, such as healthcare, transportation systems, service operations, and communication networks, there is inherent uncertainty in the system behavior which calls for stochastic modelling, and an abundance of data which calls for smart statistical techniques that enable improving the understanding and ultimately the performance optimization of the system. There is often a gap between research focused on the former (i.e.  stochastic/statistical modelling) and research focused on the latter (i.e. optimization techniques). However, the increasing availability of real-time data offers new opportunities for not only statistical analysis, and optimization of decision making but especially their integration. In fact, because all modern systems generate their own data, it is now possible to integrate and tailor statistical methods and optimization to individual systems, where before these steps were typically separate, leading to so-called data-driven analytics and optimization.

Organisator EURANDOM (URL, email)
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